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Who is NutKoo
... Get the skinny on the gang that wants to put money in your pocket

NutKoo got its start at a gathering where a group of people discovered that collectively they had paid more then $350,000 in real estate commissions for the homes they bought or sold in the last 4 years. This informal study was carried out by the accountant (aka Mr. MoneyPenney) in the group.

The NutKoo team consists of business and IT professionals, one accountant, one nurse and a bulldog named Bentley

Bentley NutKoo: The website persona
You would be crazy not to get $1000`s of dollars from me.
People love me, because I am a little weird and crazy.
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Bentley Bentley: Official cleaner of crumbs on the office floor
Be my friend on Buttbook.
People don`t get much work done when I am hungry, make sure you feed me.
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Chris Chris: Web Developer, Programmer
I want to be like Sheldon .. but with girl friends.
I want to make sure that the website is secure and easy to use. I believe in KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.
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Sarah Sarah: Customer Assistant
I already have my Sheldon.
I want to help you get money back, you can thank me later with flowers.
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Shanti Shanti: The Fixer
I make problems go away.
I help with all customer issues, NutKoo policies and processes, web site user experience testing. I also do lunch and coffee runs on Thursdays
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Moneypenney Mr. MoneyPenney: CA MBA CFA
I am so good that I have tax loopholes named after me.
I toil in the background to make sure that the home buying or selling process runs smoothly. I do the boring legal and tax related stuff, so you don`t have to.
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Leemala Leemala: Nurse
I make buying or selling property feel like a soothing back rub
I help make our customer`s experience in buying or selling property, as smooth as possible.
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