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Steps to getting cash back when buying a property through NutKoo

Buy with NutKoo and get thousands of dollars cash back

  1. Read up on the Home Buying Objectives.
  2. Understand the details of the Home Buying Process.
  3. Download the Buying Checklist for your reference.
  4. Register with NutKoo.
  5. Start your house hunting:
    1. Research your potential neighborhoods.
    2. Check out house listings on MLS, classifieds, or other places.
    3. Do a drive-by of the potential properties.
  6. You are almost ready so Sign In to NutKoo and come back to this page.
  7. Fill in your homebuyer profile, including the potential homes you would like to see. The form will show up below after you have Signed In.
  8. Once you have a homebuyer profile, a NutKoo representative will get in touch with you to verify all the details.
  9. A NutKoo agent around your area will contact you and show you the potential homes that you have chosen. They will provide guidance, and support to make the home buying process as smooth as possible.
  10. When you are ready to make an offer, your NutKoo agent will create and submit an offer on your behalf.
  11. Once your offer is accepted and the house closes, You will receive your cash back, in the form of a cheque from NutKoo, within 7 business days. You can find out how much you will get back by going to the cash back Calculator.

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