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Steps to saving thousands of dollars when selling property through NutKoo

Sell with NutKoo and keep thousands of dollars in your pocket

  1. Somebody said that "Selling a house is a lot like romance. It really pays to set the mood". What does that mean ? It means that you need to showcase the best side of your home to get the top dollar. Read up on the Home Selling Tips.
  2. Register with NutKoo.
  3. You are almost ready so Sign In to NutKoo and come back to this page.
  4. Fill in your homeseller profile, including the selling price range you would like to reach or exceed. The form will show up below after you have Signed In.
  5. Once you have a homeseller profile, a NutKoo representative will get in touch with you to verify all the details.
  6. A NutKoo agent around your area will contact you and go over the selling process with you.
    1. They will provide guidance in pricing your home.
    2. They will provide guidance in setting the buying agent commission.
    3. They will provide suggestions to show the best face of your home
    4. They will put your home listing on MLS .
    5. They will contact you when potential buyers want to see your home.
    6. When an offer is received, your NutKoo agent will present the offer with their insight.
  7. You have sold your home and saved thousands of dollars on commission fees. Its time to celebrate.

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