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Quick links to help you get more informed about home buying or selling

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looking for a home: There are literally thousands of local and regional specific websites devoted to real estate. Practically every real estate office has some sort of websites advertising their current listing. Most real estate agents also tend to have the usual canned website describing their services and their current listings. Of course all these listings are available on the big daddy of all MLS

Other home listing sites

Selling agent advertising their current homes for sale Homes Point 2
Selling agent advertising, but a bit more sophisticated Zoocasa
Typical canned agent site House for sale

For Sale by Owner: Nowadays, a lot of the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listings also appear in the MLS. Most of these listings tend to stay around a lot longer than their MLS counterparts because of the unrealistic pricing. Extra research needs to be done when considering a FSBO homes. Read our comments on the advantage and disadvantages of FSBO.

Commission free Comfree
One of the original FSBO Property Guys
Another FSBO Property Sold
And another FSBO FSBO
Biased view of FSBO, but check it out
and decide for your self
FSBO comments

Free real estate classifieds: There are, again oodles and oodles of free and paid classified sites, here are a few examples. Type 'free Classifieds' into any search engine and get thousands of hits.

Ooooodles of classifieds Oodle
Here max, here boy HouseMaxx
Kijiji Kijiji
CraigList Craiglist

Real estate resource: Some sites to check out

10 must-do repairs before selling Repairs
More tips before selling Selling Tips
Common sense to use before selling Advice from across the pond
Real estate terminology for home buyers Lawyer speak
Real estate law Canadian real estate law
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CMHC
Mortgage calculator How much can I afford
Transfer Tax calculator Tax for buying a house
What the real estate ads really mean Needs TLC = it's a dump
More, what the real estate ads really mean Dream House: Because 'Nightmare House'
would scare you away
What is your house worth Estimated appraisal value

Sites to avoid: There are countless sites to avoid, here are a few examples

Nothing useful Avoid getting a call from an agent -
Rating a real estate agent, why bother Rate anybody

Keep checking back, as we add more links


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